New Spicy Queso-Flavored Funyuns Are Coming This Fall

Photo: Frito-Lay


I feel like Funyuns don't get their flowers and it's time they do so. One indicator of this is the lack of different flavors of it. Sure, there's been a couple new iterations that have debuted in the past, but the catalog of Funyuns flavors runs about as deep as a mosquito bite, especially when compared with the other Frito-Lay snacks that we all enjoy.

Thankfully, this fall the people will get a tasty new Spicy Queso-Flavored Funyuns. That signature onion-y boldness paired with the piquant and cheesy aura of a spicy queso makes so much sense.

Look for the new Spicy Queso Funyuns at your local retailer. Big points for Frito-Lay for making this a permanent addition to its snack lineup.