SPAM Debuts Limited-Edition Figgy Pudding For the Holidays

Photo: SPAM


SPAM is bringing in the warm, cozy vibes of the holidays with their new, limited edition Figgy Pudding variety. According to a new survey commissioned by SPAM, 69% of consumers know what Figgy Pudding is or have heard of it, but only 17% have had it before.

For those unfamiliar, Figgy Pudding is a steamed cakelike dessert made up of suet (raw beef or mutton fat), eggs, brown sugar, breadcrumbs, spices, dried fruits and brandy. So think a savory and sweet treat that delivers on comfort, warmth and nostalgia. SPAM's Figgy Pudding features cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, allspice and cloves, along with popular winter flavor profiles like fig
and orange flavors.

To check out SPAM Figgy Pudding for yourself, visit, and to order now,
while supplies last.