This Pizza Bed Set Has Crust Pillow Cases, Tomato Sauce Sheets and a Pepperoni Comforter

Hopefully,  you can understand the excitement at the prospect of keeping the food love going even during the unconscious period that is sleep.

Artist Claire Manganiello has drawn a pizza bed which features 'crust' pillow cases, sheets like tomato sauce and a comforter covered in melted cheese and pepperoni (okay the cheese is not actually melting, that would be taking it too far), allowing the most adoring pizza fan and foodie to curl up with their favorite food and dream sweet cheesy dreams. Live food, breathe food and now sleep with food, without getting crumbs all over your bed (yay!)



This bedding is simply a piece of art for now (but will be real soon) but maybe that is a good thing. If this was available to the public, you would certainly be going to bed hungry every night... or at least having some very strange dreams.