Let Them Sit Cake: Food-Themed Furniture You'll Want to Sink Your Teeth Into


You can sleep in a pizza, you can make a creepy sculpture of your face in white, milk or dark chocolate, so why can't you sit and lounge on furniture in the shape of your favorite desserts? You can.


Italian designer Diego Gugliermetto has produced a series of food-inspired furniture in the shapes of cream puffs, cookies and chocolate bars. His food-themed poufs and sofas are not only inspired by a love of design, but a passion for food and what he calls ‘eating to enjoy’ not just eating to live.  Along the same vein, Viennese designer Dejana Kabiljo's "Let Them Sit Cake" comprises fake flour bags stacked with what looks like some very real dripping chocolate icing. All in all, a sweet tooth's house decorating dream.




So just how comfy is this dessert furniture? We’re not quite sure, but they look delicious. Too bad they're just for sitting and not for eating.