Gordon Ramsay Loses His Mind After Eating Denver's Worst Pizza [Watch]

What's not to like about pizza? It's simple, convenient, and it even tastes good cold. There's not much you can mess up.  Well, after visiting a Denver-based Italian restaurant that claims to be, "Denver's best pizza," Gordon Ramsay quickly discovers it could actually be, "Denver's worst pizza."

In this classic clip from Kitchen Nightmares, Ramsay visits Pantaleone's, a Denver-based Italian restaurant that has touted itself to have "Denver's best pizza," on the building's signage.

Ramsay ordered a calzone, a meatball sandwich, a sausage pizza, and some linguine with clam. But, it was clear none of the items were up to his standards.


If you're going to proclaim yourself as the, "best pizza" of anywhere you better make sure you can back that up. Before the pizza even arrived, Ramsay was disgusted.

Soon after his wretched meal, Ramsay made his way to the kitchen where he asked the staff one by one if they actually thought that they were selling, "Denver's best pizza."

Denver's worst pizza

"My sausage pizza, it was dripping in grease," Ramsay shouted. "The dough was so thick, parts of it were undercooked. There's a huge mistake on the awning out there," said an exasperated Ramsay. "Because I think you just cooked me the worst pizza in Denver."


With three generations working under one roof, it's clear there's a respected legacy behind the name and food at Pantaleone's. However, that makes "Denver's worst pizza" part of a family tradition.

Family tradition can be taken very seriously — especially within the food industry.

Some could argue that this type of hereditary thinking can lead to ritualistic ways of cooking that can result in decreased food quality.

Still, no matter how bad the food actually was at Pantaleone's, it was probably better than the lunch buffet at Chuck E. Cheese's.