California Mexican Restaurant Chain Is Selling A FRIED CHEESE Taco For Lent

What if I told you that you could help someone in need just by eating a taco? What if I told you that this taco in particular came loaded with glorious fried cheese?

More likely than not, you'd be all for the cause, and that's exactly what Puesto, a Mexican street food & bar chain in southern California, is hoping for. The chain has developed and is now selling a taco called the Panela en Verde—it's lovingly filled with chunks of plancha-fried cheese, and it's being sold out of love as well.


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Puesto announced that $1 from every Panela en Verde taco purchase in the month of March will be donated to Golden Rule Charity, a non-profit organization founded with the purpose of giving back and supporting those in need in the restaurant industry. The Charity raises funds, administers grants, and acts as a liaison between the community and those faced with an unanticipated crisis, big or small (i.e. medical, food shelter and/or transportation).

Both Puesto and Golden Rule were inspired by the hard working restaurant employees who may find themselves in need of an emergency crisis grant, which ultimately led to this special collaboration. When it comes to the 'Panela,' that in particular was mostly inspired by springtime, its seasonal vegetables, and the beginning of the Lenten season, in which many religious folks abstain from eating meat. Melissa's Produce provides the taco's other ingredients, like red frill mustard greens and kumquats.


With so much love invested into just one tasty taco, how can you not find yourself cheesin'?

This content was created in partnership with Puesto