See How Prince George’s School Lunches Are Literally Fit for a King

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Hint: No tater tots or chicken nuggets here!


For most of us, school lunches don’t bring back the most exciting memories. We could look forward to grilled cheese, sloppy joes and foil-wrapped ham sandwiches—usually with canned fruit and a milk carton—but when you’re the future king of England, lunches are a bit more spectacular.

Five-year-old Prince George attends Thomas’s Battersea in London. The day school costs about £18,000 ($23,000) a year, so you can imagine the meals are a notch above a public school’s cafeteria lunches. These kids must have pretty refined tastes because the school’s menus sound fit for the fancy restaurants you’d normally reserve for date night. Find out the surprising difference between American and British vanilla ice cream.

Based on the school’s sample menus, every day includes a mid-morning snack of fresh fruit or a pastry, and lunch starts with a fresh baguette and soup. A typical Monday might mean chicken for the main course—but these are no mere chicken nuggets. Instead, Prince George gets freshly prepared traditional free-range chicken arrabbiata with whole wheat pasta. And these kids have options, too—pescatarians have the “fish option” of wheat pasta with salmon, crème fraiche, and peas; vegans can opt for oven-baked falafel bites with fresh hummus; and anyone with allergies (including dairy and gluten) could stick with chicken and pasta with salad. Talk about the royal treatment.

Any other day is just as impressive. Think freshly prepared slow-cooked lamb ragu, Teriyaki cod over garlic spinach, lamb and apricot tagine, peri-peri chicken, gammon with poached egg, or smoked salmon and broccoli quiche. (Anyone else’s stomachs growling?) But Prince George and his lunch mates still need to follow some rules—this is why Prince George isn’t allowed to have a best friend at school.

Oh, and don’t forget about dessert! Prince George and the rest of the Thomas’s Battersea students get a little something sweet every day, whether that means freshly baked Jamaican ginger cake with a lemon drizzle, a strawberry-banana smoothie with an oat cookie, mango mousse with passionfruit or fresh-baked peach crumble.

But kids will be kids, and some days sound a bit more like a traditional kids’ menu—but always a cut above the usual. Mixed in with those fancy-pants dishes are sausages with steamed veggies, fries and ketchup; macaroni and cheese (organic, of course) with steamed broccoli and roasted vegetables; and organic lasagna with raw veggies. But we’d still take that over the square pizza slices of our childhoods any day. Next, check out these recipes inspired by the British royal family’s favorite foods.

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