Pizza Hut's New 'Goodbye Pie' Ends Relationships So You Don't Have To

While Valentine's Day is all about love, about 1 in 14 adults end up with their heart broken right before the big day. In fact, the Tuesday before Valentine's Day is also known as "Red Tuesday," where people break up most often in the year.


That's why this year, Pizza Hut is helping you break up with your partner, so you don't have to. On February 6 (Red Tuesday),  Pizza Hut announced a new Valentine's Day offering, "Goodbye Pies," using its new sweet, yet spicy, Hot Honey pizza.

The limited-edition Hot Honey "Goodbye Pies" will deliver spicy news in a sweet way for FREE so you can ditch that awkward break-up convo and send a pizza instead. Libras will love this since they hate confrontation!

Pizza Hut is making this break-up as easy as possible by creating a custom pizza box packaging for the Hot Honey pizza that leaves a space on the top of the box for the break-upper's name to be added.


If you are represented through the 45% of people agreeing it's better to break-up right before the holiday itself, then listen up! From 2/6 to 2/14, you can submit for a chance to send a free "Goodbye Pie" by visiting

The offer will be available at select locations in the three major U.S. cities notorious for heartbreaks – NYC, Chicago, and Miami, while supplies last.

If you're still planning on the break-up and not in one of these cities, then don't sweat it. The website can also be used to request Pizza Hut instead write a breakup text for you to send, along with a link to a gift card for your future-ex to redeem a free Hot Honey pizza. Really doesn't get easier than that.