Panera Brings Back Viral BAGuette Bag As Part Of New Merch Launch

Photo: Panera Bread


To celebrate the launch of its first-ever online merchandise storefront, The Panera Shop, Panera bread is re-releasing the viral BAGuette Bag, which sold out in a just minutes at its initial launch this past February.

Along with the BAGuette Bag, Panera is also releasing more Carb-Couture AKA bread-themed apparel and accessories inspired by favorite menu items like a cozy Mac Drip sweatshirt and sweatpants, “Just Baked” baby onesies and even some carby drip for your dog.

The Panera Shop goes live on Monday, May 1 exclusively for MyPanera members through May 7, for the brand’s second-ever MyPanera Week. Starting May 8, The Panera Shop opens up to the general public. If you want early access (don't take an L on that BAGuette Bag again) all you have to do is sign up for MyPanera ahead of May 1.