Panda Express Is Testing Dim Sum Bites

Photo: Panda Express


Panda Express, the renowned fast Chinese-American cuisine chain, is currently testing a novel menu category at its Innovation Kitchen in Pasadena, CA. Running until November 28, 2023, this new menu selection is known as "Dim Sum Bites," offering patrons a distinct dining experience.

Dim Sum Bites are a bundle of appetizers that includes newly introduced items such as Lobster & Shrimp Dumplings, Mini Chicken Wontons, and an Apple Pie Roll, alongside existing menu favorites like the Veggie Spring Roll and Chicken Egg Roll.

These appetizers can be enjoyed independently or as a complement to a meal, offering guests a different way to savor the familiar flavors of Panda Express. Patrons have the option to select two items for a reasonable price of $3.75 or three items for $5.


This limited-time offering presents an opportunity for customers to explore an expanded range of flavors while enjoying the convenience of the Panda Express Innovation Kitchen. Check out the details of the new Dim Sum Bites below:

  • NEW – Lobster & Shrimp Dumplings (2 pieces)Crafted with a premium blend of lobster, shrimp, cream cheese and veggies in a crispy wrapper, this appetizer is complemented well with sweet and sour sauce. 
  • NEW – Mini Chicken Wontons (5 pieces)Crispy mini wontons filled with chicken and veggies for the perfect crunch, paired with soy sauce. 
  • NEW – Apple Pie Roll (1 piece)As the first ever dessert item at Panda, the Apple Pie Roll is Panda’s take on an American classic featuring juicy apples, fall spices and cinnamon sugar wrapped in a crispy wonton wrapper for a convenient and delicious treat.