Mark and Donnie's "Wahlburgers," A Celebrity Burger Chain in the Making

Hollywood actors and beefcakes, Mark and Donnie Wahlberg along with brother/chef Paul Wahlberg plan to open a burger joint, and the name for their restaurant…could not…without a doubt…be anything else but… Wahlburgers.

Before obtaining the rights to the eponymously quirky name, the brothers had to purchase the “Walburger” brand from Tom Wahl, who is the owner of a New York-based restaurant that sells a trademark Wahlburger. Tom Wahl introduced the brothers to his famous Wahlburger a while back, and since then, they could not let the name go.


A “coming soon” sign adorns the space of the restaurant, which is located at the Hingham Shipyard in Boston. The site of Wahlburgers is also conveniently across the street from their successful Italian restaurant Alma Nove. A plan to open a pizzaria is also in the works for the brothers in the spring.

[via filmdrunk]