Labyrinth Wedding Cake is Six Tiers of Awesome


These past few days have been excellent for Labyrinth paraphernalia. First, we brought you these hand-painted Etsy mugs featuring two of the cult classic's many memorable characters. The set could easily become a pair of his-and-her mugs, perfect for the lucky couple who commissioned this kick-ass wedding cake.


Tracey of the Black Cherry Cake Company has made herself a hero for 80s babies everywhere when she retold Jim Henson's puppets-on-LSD fairy tale. With a cake. It's everything a person needs in life.


I tried to tell the story moving up the cake, the bottom tier depicts the start of the Labyrinth with the tiny blue worm, Riddle Guards, Door knockers, red lipstick arrows, stone book chair and other doorways.

From there Sarah makes her to the Fire Gang and the bog of eternal stench, Hoggle is sat around the bag holding the peach.

Ludo is sat ontop of a rock in the the Bog inside a Jareth glass ball.

From there they all make their way to the Goblin city on the next tier and the clock showing she is running out of time. She makes her way to the Goblin Castle into the starirs maze, Toby is sat around the back holding a glass ball. Then on top is Jareth and Sarah in the ballroom scene as it is afterall a wedding cake!




The downside? She expects us to devour Ludo whole. Heartlessness has never existed in a more heinous form.

H/T + PicThx That's Nerdalicious