Krispy Kreme Introduces Original Glazed Soft Serve Ice Cream

Krispy Kreme is really getting into that summer feeling by shaking up the ice cream world with the debut of Original Glaze Soft Serve.


Original Glazed Soft Serve uses the same ingredients from Krispy Kreme’s proprietary and secret Original Glazed Doughnut recipe, so trust we're getting that irresistible OG glaze flavor.

And since variety is everything, Original Glazed Soft Serve will be come in different forms like shakes, cones and cups. Just indulge yourself in the details of this lineup: it includes seven hand-spun shakes inspired by fan-favorite doughnut flavors, waffle cones handmade fresh daily with Krispy Kreme’s proprietary doughnut mix, and yummy toppings like dehydrated Original Glazed doughnuts. 

Original Glazed Soft Serve offerings include: 


  • Shakes: Original Glazed, Strawberry Iced Sprinkled, Chocolate Iced, Lemon Filled, Cookies & KREME, Birthday Batter, and Coffee & KREME. 
  • Cups and Waffle Cones: Original Glazed, Strawberry Iced Sprinkled and Chocolate Iced. 
  • Toppings and Inclusions, including Original Glazed doughnut pieces. 

As for availability, Original Glazed Soft Serve will be offered so far in the following 10 U.S. markets: Charlotte, Greensboro and Winston-Salem, NC; Greenville, SC; Norfolk and Newport News, VA; Charleston, WV; Nashville and the Tri-Cities area in TN, and San Antonio, TX.

Krispy Kreme shops in Mobile and Southwest, AL; Tampa, St. Petersburg and Pensacola, FL; New Orleans; Branson, MO; and Wichita, KS, will soon begin offering Original Glazed Soft Serve.

For all the info on where you can get Krispy Kreme's new Original Glazed Soft Serve, fans should visit