First Look at Jo Koy's Upcoming Film, 'Easter Sunday', Features Scene With Filipino Food Spread

Photo: ED ARAQUEL/UNIVERSAL PICTURES via Entertainment Weekly


Entertainment Weekly has gotten an exclusive first look at comedian Jo Koy's upcoming movie, Easter Sunday, that's centered around a Filipino-American family, a first for a studio film. Jo Koy has rocketed to stardom via his comedy based on his stories of growing up as a Filipino-American kid and his hilarious dynamic with his mother.

Coming as a Filipino-American kid myself, I remember hanging on to the few Filipino celebrities I'd see in TV and movies. Dante Basco had me rooting for Rufio in Hook and his younger brother, Dion, had me tuning in on Saturday mornings watching City Guys. When it came to representation in entertainment, I took what I could get.

Now, with the unexpected help of Steven Spielberg, Jo Koy has made his movie idea about a Filipino-American family a reality. He explained to EW, "[It's about] a family that lives in America just like everybody else. And you're going to relate to this family because you know them. And oh, by the way, you're going to learn some stuff about Filipinos on the way too. So that's kind of cool too."


One of the things that folks will get to learn about through the movie is how Filipino families do a feast. In one screen cap from the flick, Jo Koy's character and his mother are seen in front of a mouthwatering spread of Filipino food. From the looks of things, I spy some empanada, pancit, adobo and sisig.

Jo Koy related to EW, "We're going to represent my family, and we're going to represent my culture. Of course, we had the big lechon. We had to. So yes, there's a big pig on the table, but that's what's there every birthday and every Easter. If I didn't put that there, [Filipinos] would've been mad. But on the other side, I wanted to show adobo. I wanted to show pancit. I wanted to show our egg rolls. I wanted to show what a spread looks like on our table and how delicious our food is."