S'mores Doughnut Has Ganache and Marshmallow Core with Graham Cracker Crumble


In an age where it’s not enough to simply have a doughnut or a croissant, New York's Macaron Parlour takes this concept one step further with the S’mores Doughnut. Hailed for expanding dessert offerings beyond their traditional fillings, Macaron Parlour fused the savory and the sweet to create a truly unique dessert.

The S’mores Doughnut features the typical  doughnut shell but houses a core of thick dark chocolate ganache and a rich marshmallow filling exploding from the center. To make it a truly authentic s'mores experience, a graham cracker crumble coats the top and opening of the doughnut.


There's no limit to the madness/genius behind Macaron Parlour’s creations – milk chocolate ganache infused with Earl Grey tea, the ‘Elvis’ peanut butter and caramelized bananas, and my personal favorite, Cheetos infused white chocolate ganache, are just a few of their quirky concoctions.

At $3 a pop, we're thinking people will welcome this new hybrid dessert with open arms... and mouths. Pause.

Picthx Serious Eats