Hot Pockets' Newest Item Does Not Require a Microwave

Photo: Brian Wright

Hot Pockets and microwaves are synonymous. The concept of enjoying the warm comforts of a Hot Pocket is pretty much null and void once the microwave is taken out the scenario. However, a new item from Hot Pockets lets folks ditch the microwave for once.


Introducing the Deliwich, a sandwich from Hot Pockets that doesn't require the use of a microwave. Though it does have instructions on the box that do suggest that the Deliwich can be heated up in less than a minute, the main selling point is that these frozen fresh sandwiches can be thawed for a couple hours beforehand and then taken on the go.

Convenience is key here with Hot Pockets' new Deliwich sandwiches, which comes in four flavors: Cheddar & Ham, Turkey & Colby, Cheddar Melt and Pepperoni & Mozzarella.

Hot Pockets Deliwich will retail for $7.49 and will be available at select retailers starting in late May.