Heinz Is Releasing A Sauce Inspired By Taylor Swift

Photo: Heinz

Over the weekend, the Kansas City Chiefs experienced unprecedented attention: Travis Kelce jersey sales went up 400%, the Chiefs were Googled over 3 million times, Kelce's Instagram follower count grew by 284k. But why? Because the Chiefs are the strongest, most popular team in the country? Of course not.


It's all because of Taylor Swift.

Swift and Kelce have been rumored to be dating for weeks now and her appearance in Kelce's family's suite at the game on Sunday sent the world into a tailspin. More importantly, there is one photo circulating the internet not for its content but for its description:

Photo: Reddit


"Taylor Swift was eating a piece of chicken with ketchup and seemingly ranch!" Absolutely groundbreaking reporting.

In honor of the now-viral post, Heinz has decided to join the Swiftie movement by releasing their own take on the Ketchup & Seemingly Ranch sauce. With only 100 bottles being put into production, #Traylor fans will have to fight it out Hunger Games-style to get their hands on the goods.

Follow Heinz on Instagram in order to get further instructions on how to get your own bottle of Ketchup and Seemingly Ranch. Otherwise, feel free to do what the rest of the world does and mix it yourself.