Girl Scout Cookies Are Actually the Second Largest Cookie Company in America

In an interview on the July 17th edition of the Freakonomics podcast, the C.E.O. of Girl Scouts of America, Sylvia Acevedo, revealed a surprising fact about the organization: They're the second largest cookie company in America.

Raking in somewhere between $700 to $800 million per year in revenue, the Girl Scouts are surpassed only by none other than OREOs.


It should be noted, however, that this is revenue, not profit. According to tax forms, Girl Scouts brought in just over $130 million in actual profits last year.

And, just in case you're worrying about where all this money is going, Acevedo noted that all profit that each troop brings is spent on those local troops and council. So have no fear, Girl Scouts is not a part of Big Cookie, despite making such large sums of money.

So go ahead and buy that second box of Samoas. You need it, and it's for a good cause. Plus, how could you ever say no to the adorable pitch of a Girl Scout selling cookies?