Gatorade Jumps Into The Water Game

Photo: Gatorade

Smart Water, Essentia Water, PATH, Ethos Water, Voss, evian. This list goes on for the amount of water brands that are out there. Now, Gatorade is throwing their bottle in the ring and yes, it's just water.


Aiming to keep you hydrated all day long, Gatorade Water, debuting in 2024, is a zero-calorie unflavored alkaline water, purified with a seven-step, enhanced filtration process.

The all-day hydration is due to the 65 to 90 milligrams of sodium in the 1-liter bottle. Sodium actually acts as an electrolyte, which places this Gatorade Water in the category of healthy hydration.

While Gatorade Water may not have any flavors like its common Gatorade drink, this new offering could be a popular new addition to the already crowded water space.