First Promo Poster for Anthony Bourdain's Show "The Layover"

Anthony Bourdain fans have plenty to be happy about this Fall, as the chef will be premiering his new Travel Channel show The Layover. The show will be airing November 21st at 9pm et/pt , and with the release date rapidly approaching we now have a look at a full size version of the promo poster being shoveled around for the new series.

The premise for The Layover has the audience follow the best-selling author and host of Emmy-award winning series "No Reservations" as he travels across the world to unexpected destinations and hits all the essential places, people and food in a span of 24-48 hours.

The poster has a ton going on, Bourdain holding chopsticks in one hand, shoes dripping water, and a slogan that makes this show resemble a Liam Neeson flick:

[Thx Eater]