Fireball Debuts Its Own Cinnamon-Flavored Caviar

Photo: Fireball

Fireball wants you to know that its more than just a shooter (sort of). That’s why this holiday season, the whiskey brand is dropping its Dragon Egg Caviar (that is cinnamon=flavored) and Crystal Shot Glass Flutes.


These luxurious new products are part of the Fireball Dragnum Classy Collection kit that contains both the caviar and crystal along with a Dragnum (magnum-sized bottle) of Fireball Whisky. Fireball Dragon Egg Caviar feels just like traditional caviar, but is flavored with the spicy and sweet flavor of cinnamon — and aren’t really fish eggs. However, the Crystal Shot Glass Flutes are made of real crystal and are inspired by the traditional champagne flute.

This limited-edition gift set goes on sale this Tuesday (December 12) at 10am EST and will be available for purchase in select states for the fire price of $50.

If you’re not one of the lucky few to get your hands on the Dragnum Classy Collection, you can still purchase Fireball Dragnum nationwide wherever you get your Fireball for $24.99.