FaZe Clan Launches New Sub Sandwiches Exclusively on DoorDash


Once you dominate one field, why not hop into another and start a new reign? That must be what the minds at FaZe Clan must be thinking as they unveil a new sub sandwich line which is now their third venture into food. First with McDonald's and then with Totino's; this sub menu comes as the first collaboration stemming from the DoorDash and FaZe Clan partnership announced earlier this year.

Available exclusively on DoorDash, the FaZe Clan team and decorated member FaZe Rug have created an entire sub sandwich menu by collaborating with none other than Chef Eric Greenspan, the Virtual Dining Concepts Culinary Director (who also has a Grilled Cheese cook book,) and TV personality.

The menu boasts a variety of sandwiches that all sound enticing with some of your favorite chips being a core part of their recipes. The Rug Father for example comes with smoked turkey, provolone, guacamole, pepperoncini, FaZe Sauce and Funyuns while the Overkill offers turkey, ham, bacon, provolone, pepperoncini, FaZe sauce and Ruffles potato chips.

Everyone is getting into food. At this point, if you got a business, throw some food in there!


Hear me out: You're not just a barber, you're a barber who also makes waffles. "Get cut up, while your waffles get done up," would be the slogan on the window outside.

Genius. I know.