Fatburger Will Be Named a Weed Strain For 4/20

Fatburger is really leaning into the 4/20 cannabis enthusiasts' holiday this month with munchie-approved deals like the OG Fatburger being offered for just $4.20 and free delivery for the month of April on all orders that are $20 and up.


Besides that, they're also partnering with leading weed dispensary, Wonderbrett, for a pretty lit joint collab. All pun intended.

Come 4/20, Fatburger's hand-scooped Strawberry Milkhake will be made as a weed strain for that day only, and will be offered at Wonderbrett dispensaries as Fatburger Strawberry Milkshake Live Resin Cartridges, Flower or Fruit Chews.

With these two brands winding up as good buds, fans will be eager to see what they'll come up with next year. Perhaps an OG Fatburger strain? The munchie possibilities one can spark up from this partnership could be pretty exciting.