Epic 'Fresh Tropical Fruit' Fail Leaves Wheel Of Fortune Audience Shocked


There's immense joy in firing up a compilation of hilarious game show blunders on YouTube for the reasons that we're glad we didn't mess up that bad and also for the absolute shock of how someone could be so dense.

But a recent Wheel Of Fortune blunder managed to leave the audience groaning and triggered the internet.


The category was 'Food & Drink' and contestant Khushi had one more letter to go to solve the puzzle. Sounds like a cakewalk, right? What was in front of her was simply, 'FRE*H TROPICAL FRUIT'. But things took a terrible, absolutely mind-numbing turn from there.

"I'll go with a 'G'!" blurted Khushi, which was instantaneously followed by an audibly exasperated, "WHAT?!" from an audience member.

Poor Khushi. Though we've seen some epic game show fails in the past, this takes the top spot of worst Wheel Of Fortune blunder ever. Let's hope her next walk through the produce aisle doesn't conjure up any bad memories.

Feature photo: Wheel of Fortune