The Most Common Restaurant Complaints by Diners [INFOGRAPHIC]


Are you a negative Nancy when it comes to restaurant dining? You know -- the kind that whines about imperfect dishes or bad service? Well, you're not alone (although you might be driving waiters up a freakin' wall). According to a 2014 survey of 1,003 adults by Consumer Reports, the average folk has plenty to complain about in restaurants.

It turns out about 16% of diners think it's a turnoff when too much nutritional information is available, while 27% hate it when servers don't bring water to the table unless asked. But the most common customer annoyance are receiving dirty utensils (78%), dirty restrooms (73%) and impolite or condescending servers (72%).

Any of these hit a nerve with you? Check out the full scope of complaints below:


Restaurant Complaints

Let's just let it all out at once, 1, 2, 3... UGH.

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