This Might Be the Thickest, Cutest Pancake I've Ever Seen


Holy cow has Mosogourmet been the most slept on YouTube channel of the year.

Just yesterday the veil was lifted on the Baymax cookies they were responsible for, and today we're revisiting a compact yet extremely thick "grilled hot cake." Per usual, here's the recipe in all of its silent, un-narrated glory:

Translated recipe:


*Recipe*(For three pieces)

1.Make a disposable mold with parchment paper and 1 milk carton.

2.Make the dough of pancakes as the direction in the bag of pancake mix. ( 1 egg, 150ml of milk, and 200g pancake mix this time. )

3.Put a non-stick pan on the very low heat.

4.Place the prepared mold(1) on the heated pan(3). Don't oil the pan.


5.Pour the dough(2) into the mold.

6.Cover it and bake for 15 minutes.

7.After checking that the surface has got dry, turn it over, and also bake for 15 minutes. (When not having got dry, bake it in addition, looking at a situation.)

8.Finished. Please eat in a nostalgic feeling.