These Half-Pint Beer Glasses are Literally Split Down the Middle


Ever feel like you have to give an explanation when requesting a half-pint of brew rather than a full pint, for fear of facing ridicule for the rest of the evening?

This curious creation from The Fowndry is here to help everyone. If you really want or can only handle half a pint of booze, this split pint glass creates the illusion of a full pint of beer when in fact, it's only half. Sneaky.


Apparently, two-toned beer glasses reinforce to the crowd that, yes, you are serious about your drink.

Available for purchase at The Fowndry, these glasses are no cheap deal. At $25 for a two-set, they're not as economically feasible as simply ordering the half pints you so desire. The added "value" comes from its more aesthetically pleasing attribute, which is the allowance of one dark beer and one light beer on either side of the pint glass.

Of course, you can also just stop being a sissy and demand the bartender fill your regular, non-guillotined pint glass half way. Ain't nothing to be ashamed of, boo.