Capri Sun Launches Kid Noise-Canceling Juice Drink

Photo: Capri Sun


With the end of summer slowly creeping into our periphery, children are slowly but surely returning to school and giving adults a few hours of peace and quiet. But what happens when they come home from school amped up on social energetics or when they're home for a solid 48-hour period over the weekend? Capri Sun has the answer: a limited-edition Wireless Noise-Canceling Juice Drink that offers up to 50 seconds of silence.

Pulling inspiration from the notion that drinking a full pouch of Capri Sun takes children approximately 50 seconds, this clever reimagining of an old classic is styled to look like a brand-new pair of noise-canceling headphones one might find at The Sharper Image. Along with their 50 seconds of bliss, Capri Sun is throwing in a $100 voucher to TaskRabbit, a popular app that allows outside contractors to come and complete your work for you.

“At Capri Sun, we know that back-to-school season is a hectic time and our goal through launching the Kid Noise-Canceling Juice Drink is to show our appreciation for parents by providing them 50 seconds of calm,” said Samantha Mills, Associate Director, Brand Communications. “When parents buy these new juice packs, they are buying themselves some much needed peace and quiet. Our partnership with Taskrabbit is a strategic effort to give parents what they really need — time to themselves without worry.”


For a chance to score your own Capri Sun Kid Noise-Canceling package, participants can visit this website with no purchase necessary.

While I may not have children of my own, you best believe I'm submitting my information on the 28th, as I'm a firm believer in the noise-canceling of kids.