Lick Breakfast with Bacon, Donut and Waffle-Flavored Lollipops


They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Whomever 'they' may be referring to, I'm pretty sure they did not have bacon or doughnut-flavored lollipops in mind when trying to relay the importance of starting one's day with a healthy nutritious meal.


For those who think 'cooking' an Eggo waffle is too much of a draining and time-consuming task, these new breakfast lollipops from ThinkGeek are designed to help every human fulfill the goal of getting some breakfast into their belly without having to exert the effort of chewing. Ugh.

The full breakfast lollipop set contains 2 bacon, 1 doughnut, and 1 waffle lollipop. According to the site, "The bacon tastes like bacon; the donut tastes like coconut (with strawberry frosting); and the waffle tastes like delicious maple syrup". Hello breakfast replacement!