9 Beautiful Breakfast Burritos You Can Only Get In Long Beach, CA

After a long night out on the town or an early morning run, few things can cure a breakfast craving like a burrito. It’s everything you could possibly want to kick off your day wrapped up in a warm tortilla, making it portable, quick and easy. Whether you prefer eggs, bacon, soyrizo, Carne Asade or any other fixins’, these Long Beach Spots have got you covered. Cruise on in and try their spins on the classic dishes and start your morning off right.

MVP’s Grill and Patio


MVP’s is a Long Beach staple, hands down. They are known for their burgers, cajun fries and fun menu item names (each item is named after a famous athlete). There are multiple locations in Long Beach but the one off Rodondo serves breakfast burritos, lucky us. These wrapped up breakfast presents that they serve are definitely plentiful for any athlete headed to their next game. They also work for people who perhaps ran hard the night before and need something with a little grease to get their day going. Many of the breakfast burritos pack double meat, making them the heartiest breakfast burrito you may come across.

937 Redondo Ave, Long Beach, CA 90804



When the idea of a Mexican burrito combines with Korean BBQ the results can be pretty amazing. This heavenly match is exactly what Seoulmate in Long Beach is all about. If you’re looking for a different spin on the burrito, look no further. Their spicy pork burrito or spicy tofu burrito (veggie friendly) is beyond delicious and packed with a lot of flavor. Their signature spicy sauce makes their huge burritos the success that they are and once you have one we know you’ll be back for more.


4712 E 7th Street || Long Beach, CA 90804 || 562.433.1158 |

The Attic


The Attic in Long Beach is popular with the locals and even people who live a couple cities over. This place has a comfortable, homey feel to it inside and an outdoor patio for all of those sunny days. The patio is also dog-friendly, and they even provide a menu for your furry friend to grab some grub. It’s the perfect place to kick off the day with one of their amazing Machaca Breakfast Burritos. This burrito comes with braised short rib, scrambled eggs, red onion, bell peppers and Monterey Jack cheese. It’s all wrapped up in a fresh, flour tortilla and smothered with poblano-lime salsa and sour cream. If the atmosphere doesn’t keep you coming back, then this burrito certainly will.

3441 E Broadway || Long Beach, CA 90803 || 562.433.0153 |

Nick’s on 2nd


Nick’s on 2nd is all about a commitment to excellence whether it’s with the quality ingredients that they use in their food, their warm, inviting atmosphere in the restaurant or their service. That’s why this is the perfect place to grab some friends and head on over when you have a craving for a breakfast burrito with some ambiance. The burrito includes all the classics including bacon, hash browns, pico de gallo, avocado, jack cheese, scrambled eggs and cilantro. Between the food and the hospitality, we know you’ll make making this your favorite new brunch spot.

4901 E 2nd Street, Long Beach, CA 90803 || 562.856.9000 |


The Breakfast Bar


The Breakfast Bar is an adorable little breakfast and lunch spot in Long Beach that is run by husband and wife, Josh and Pamela Beadel. This pair has a long history in the food service industry with years of experience and a dream of owning their own restaurant, which is now a reality. Their breakfast burrito is one of the best around and like most in California, has a Mexican flair to it. It comes with two eggs scrambled, black beans, pico de gallo, cheddar cheese, avocado and a drizzle of spiced sour cream wrapped in a tortilla, with a choice of bacon or sausage. The sour cream gives it a special touch so make sure to ask for a little extra on the side!

70 Atlantic Ave, Long Beach, CA 90802 || 562.726.1700 |

Schooner or Later


Schooner or Later is a family restaurant that is owned and operated by some true Long Beach locals. This is one of the many reasons to stop in and support all of their amazing food and excellent service. Their breakfast burrito is a classic served up with potatoes, eggs, cheese, onions, bell peppers and your choice of ham, bacon, sausage or chorizo. While you’re there don’t forget to check out their amazing mural of Long Beach and the Pike that resides there.

241 Marina Drive, Long Beach, CA 90803 || 562.430.3495 |


El Burrito Grill


El Burrito Grill, which has multiple locations, is a Mexican restaurant that is serving up some delicious food and amazing breakfast burritos. Although they have a few different burritos that come with eggs and would be considered a more traditional breakfast meal, don’t stop there. They have over 25 different types of burritos to choose from, including super deluxe selections that are sure to set you up with plenty of energy for a successful rest of your day.

Multiple Locations ||

Jerry’s Place


Jerry’s Place is a real mom and pop establishment with fresh food and ingredients that are cooked up to order right before your very eyes. This spot has some of the best breakfast burritos in the entire county because of the love that goes into them and the attention to detail and flavors. Not only are the breakfast burritos and other items amazing, but the portions are huge and the prices are low. If you live in the area and haven’t been here yet, make sure to keep this place in mind for your next meal.

1537 E 4th Street, Long Beach, CA 90802 || 562.436.3323 |

Written by Nicole Fera of Locale Magazine