Husband And Wife Team Created America's First Publicly Traded Cannabis Company [THE KATCHUP PODCAST]

Amy Oppedisano (left) + Derek Peterson (right). Photo courtesy Jaughn Baron.

In a "land of the free" where federal law considers cannabis an illegal drug, how could a publicly traded plant-touching company ever exist?


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Amy and Derek, co-founders of Terra Tech Corp, the publicly traded umbrella company that owns Blüm retail medical cannabis stores, stopped by the Foodbeast office to answer our most curious questions on legal cannabis. As part of our weekly podcast, The Katchup, we learn of the young couple's origin stories, how they left well-regarded careers in finance (Derek) and interior design (Amy) to pursue what many are calling the new "green rush."


We leave no topic uncovered, everything from the two being robbed at gun-point during their first delivery, to what goes in to designing their store fronts that High Times refers to as "the closest thing to a Starbucks in the dispensary world."

Don't sleep on this episode.