Blue Moon-Infused Bagels and Cream Cheese Are Now A Thing

Photo: Blue Moon

A morning beer (aka Hair of the Dog) has been a long-regarded hangover cure. Now, it’s getting an upgrade of sorts as you can now eat your beer. Blue Moon and New York’s PopUp Bagels are teaming up to bring together beer and bagels — literally.


The Blue Moon Beer Bagel paired with a Valencia Orange Cream Cheese is made by infusing Blue Moon into bagels and the brand’s signature oranges into the schmear to mimic their garnish.

Starting today at 6am ET, folks can head over to PopUp Bagels locations in NYC and Connecticut to order the limited time offering. If you’re not based in the NY tri-state, the combo will be available for shipping here.

The Blue Moon Beer Bagel and Valencia Orange Cream Cheese will be restocked daily from November 29 to December 3, while supplies last.