This Bartending Bot Will Make Cocktails In Under 10 Seconds

Photo: Barsys


We know the machines are coming, but we’re okay if they come to serve, right? Barsys, the full-service platform, recently unveiled its latest home bartending appliance, the Barsys 360. 

The Barsys 360 crafts cocktails with up to six ingredients including spirits, fresh juice and mixers, holding a volume of 900 milliliters in each ingredient canister. Once the fresh ingredients are filled in the machine along with connecting the hardware to the Barsys App, a drink can be made by sending a command from the app and placing a glass on the center stand. With just a tap of a button, the Barsys 360 lights up as it creates the cocktail in under ten seconds. 

The arc-shaped cocktail maker is available in two colorways, Midnight Black and Polar White, and is designed with architectural influence. Compared to its existing product line, the Barsys 360 is lighter in weight and compact with upgraded functions. 


Complementing the Barsys 360 is the all-new Barsys App, a marketplace connecting over 300,000 cocktail enthusiasts with a diverse community of like-minded individuals such as mixologists, spirits brands, and bars in America. App users can discover over 20,000 recipes and a database of 2,000+ spirit brands that they can like, follow, and save their favorite recipes. Users will get up-to-date notifications on exclusive branded cocktail recipes, have access to thousands of themed cocktails by their favorite brands — known as MixLists and even purchase premium spirits and mixers from brands through Country Wine & Spirits. Barsys’ current partners include Patrón, Doce Mezcal, The Dead Rabbit, Ciel Social Club, Morris American Bar, and more. 

App users also have the option to upload their at-home bar collection and the Barsys app will automatically generate custom cocktail recommendations based on the ingredients the user already has. The app connects to all of Barsys’ products via Bluetooth, however, app users do not need to own Barsys hardware to use the app.

Launched in 2014, Barsys previously released the Barsys Coaster and Barsys 2.0+. The Barsys 360 retails at $475 exclusively on