17 Of The Most Popular Starbucks Frapps Around the World

There’s certainly been a lot of buzz about Starbucks this past year with their unicorn drinks and other wacky creations. The bright colors are fun and all – maybe not for your GI tract – but there are some quality drinks on the menu even without the gimmicks. Unfortunately, a lot the bomb options aren’t available in the United States yet, but we had to tease you a little bit. Here are some of the most popular Starbucks Frappuccinos from around the world, so book your tickets now.

American Cherry Pie

Kind of ironic the American Cherry Pie Frappuccino isn’t sold in America. You gotta go to Japan to get your fix.

Sunshine Mandarin Mango Tea

Japan and Korea really know how to sell a Frapp that’ll get you in the mood for summer.

Irish Cream Coffee Pudding

Sunny days in Frappuccino Land = Lazy days by the beach with our trusty heat-proof spray. ?#IrishCreamCoffeePudding

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Irish coffee pudding is a classic dessert. Thanks for bringing it to life in liquid form, Starbucks... at least in Singapore and Thailand.

Mango Creme

It's National Best Friends Day! Enjoy buy one get one free on our Mango and Raspberry Frappuccinos.

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Yooo, New Zealand has the hookup on the mango creme Frappuccinos. America needs to get on board with these tropical drinks.


Popzel Coffee

Popcorn + Pretzel = ❤ #starbucksph #frappuccino

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This drink is straight up genius. Caramel popcorn and salted caramel all in one glass? You can find it at Starbucks stores in Singapore, the Philippines, Taipei, and other locations in the Asia Pacific region.


We are layering up for Autumn ?

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Combining vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, and Neapolitan ice cream is the best of all worlds. Thank God Starbucks New Zealand put it in a glass for all the eager folks out there.

Bubble Gum

Besides its adorable pink hue, this bubble gum Frapp, found at Starbucks locations in Poland, is Bubbalicious.

Matcha Earl Grey Jelly

The world seems to be very on board with the whole matcha trend, but only Starbucks locations in Thailand, Hong Kong, and other locations in Asia Pacific mixed it with Earl Grey to make a true masterpiece.

Banana Split Mocha


Ah, the classic banana split. It has a feeling of nostalgia you just can’t shake. If you travel to the Philippines, you get to inhale it in liquid form.

Choux Creme

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If you’ve ever had a profiterole or a cream puff, you know the glory that is the choux filling inside. South Korea has a new choux creme Frapp that channels all those desserts we know and love.

Strawberry Ribbon Chip

Starbucks really got on the strawberry bandwagon this year. In New Zealand they sell this strawberry ribbon chip drink with milk chocolate sauce, java chips, and a strawberry drizzle, which is basically the edgier sister drink to the strawberries and cream Frappe.

Green Tea Strawberry Blossom

Based on the obsession with matcha and strawberry, it was only natural to combine the two. You can hop over to the Phillippines for this green tea strawberry blossom Frapp.

Chocolate Chip Creme


This drink might seem super simple, but chocolate chip creme is a welcome return to the basics. Check it at Starbucks locations abroad, including the U.K. and Thailand.

Raspberry Ripple 

Pink, pink, and more pink seems to be Starbucks’ new motto. This Raspberry Ripple Frapp found in the United Kingdom is a perfect example.

Cookies and Cream

Cookies and cream is debatably the best milkshake flavor in the world, so it has to be the best Frappuccino flavor, amirite? Thanks, Mexico for pulling through on this one.

Ferrero Rocher

Ferrero Rochers are some of the dopest chocolates in existence. Bless you, United Kingdom, for making this savage Frapp including some classy chocolates.

Coconut Strawberry Bliss

We’re gettin’ tropical up in here. When Starbucks put coconut milk on the menu we all rejoiced. Now they have this coconut strawberry bliss concoction in Indonesia and Thailand. Get on board, America.