10 Outrageous Times People Filled Pools & Tubs With Food

When normal people are bored, they doodle, clean the house, or troll the Internet. The people featured in this article, however, like to fill pools and bathtubs with weird food. To each their own, right? We had no idea the whole bathing in food and drink thing was a hobby to so many, but after spending a little time on YouTube, we’re fully educated. Here are eight super weird things people have immersed their bodies in, and video proof, because we knew you’d ask for it.

1. Ramen

Have you ever felt so in love with ramen that you wanted to surround yourself with 144 packages of it? Well, this dude did. Roi Wassabi, known on YouTube as “Guava Juice” posts two videos a day, many of which feature him in bathtubs with food. While Guava Juice posted this video for fun, there are actually spas in Japan that offer ramen baths in their services. One of them is Yunessan Spa House in a small town called Hakone. Yunessan swears bathing in ramen does wonders for the skin, especially since the pork broth they use contains collagen, which is a necessary protein for skin health. Whatever you say, dude.

2. Cereal

If there’s one thing YouTube personality GloZell Green does not lack, it’s personality. Green’s eccentricity courses through her videos, many of which happen to be YouTube “Challenges.” Our favorite is the Cereal Challenge, where GloZell fills a bathtub to the brim with milk and a few bags of Froot Loops, and then proceeds to eat as much cereal as she can. Apparently consuming cereal en masse like this is pretty taxing, as GloZell definitely gives up and many Froot Loops appear to die a slow, painful death in the tub without being consumed. Definitely entertaining, though.

3. Hot Sauce


We never thought we’d see the day, but someone dumb enough to bathe in a pool of hot sauce has finally surfaced. Cemre Candar from the UK is another YouTube personality who has an affinity for being surrounded by various food items, but here, he really takes it to the extreme. Not only did he fill the entire tub with hot sauce, he added in some hot peppers for good measure. This video is kind of strange to watch for many reasons. First of all, Cemre makes a lot of uncomfortable direct eye contact with the camera when he’s pouring the hot sauce into the tub. Secondly, the entire scene looks like a brutal massacre, as he uses red hot sauce that looks way too much like blood. Then there’s the awkwardness of watching Cemre writhe in pain as his body is consumed by the spiciness. It’s a rough one, but nonetheless one that needs to be seen to be believed.

4. Coca-Cola & Mentos

If you’ve ever done the Coca-Cola & Mentos experiment and willingly sprayed Coke everywhere in the name of science, you’ll be super into this makeshift Whirlpool tub. The guys behind the YouTube channel TechRax decided to fill an elevated swimming pool with 1,500 gallons of Coca-Cola and add a bucket of Mentos. The candy made the liquid start bubbling, almost exactly like a jetpool tub. The guys then put in a considerable amount of ice for a reason unbeknownst to us, but the guinea pig they had run and jump into the pool was down with it. All you need is a straw and you’re good to go!

5. Pancakes

We thought we loved breakfast more than the average bear, but it looks like we’ve been beat. In this video, a dude bathes himself in a tub full of pancakes and syrup. There’s a bystander in the video who is pretty confused about the whole situation, but the guy in the tub simply says “I am breakfast,” cracks an egg on his head, and continues to eat his pancakes and syrup like it’s the normal thing to do. It’s worth mentioning this guy also has the largest bottle of syrup we’ve ever seen.


6. Cheese Balls

In this video, a skinny white dude in a red bathing suit and chacos looks like he’s fulfilling a lifelong dream by wading in a tub full of cheese balls. This video is kind of confusing and leaves us with many questions. Why is there a bathtub in the middle of a room that is not the bathroom? Why is he wearing chacos? What is this all for? Despite our looming curiosity, this short clip is pretty entertaining.

7. Slurpee

Even if you’re not a religious YouTube-watcher, chances are you’ve heard the name Miranda Sings. Her videos are always kind of strange, but Miranda’s antics have landed her over 6 million subscribers to her channel, and she’s currently on a worldwide tour. In this video, Miranda bathes in a tub full of red Slurpee. The impressive part is she doesn’t even flinch. After countless brain freezes from these drinks, we can attest to the fact they are really freaking cold. Keep doin’ yo thang, Miranda.

8. Hot Cheetos


Internet personality Derek Deso goes hard. In this video, he engages in healthy competition with this friend to see who can eat 30 bags of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos the fastest. The downside is whoever loses has to take a bath in them — naked. Deso is victorious in this challenge, so his unlucky friend had to sit in a pool of spicy water, kind of like the hot sauce guy. It was clear this was not an enjoyable experience.

9. Popcorn

This video is not for the faint of heart. What we mean is, if you have a thing for blonde dudes with ripped abs, you might die from hotness overload. The Dude Sons are a four-man team known for videotaping their pranks and posting the videos to YouTube. They have over 2 million subscribers, so they’re doing something right. In this video, they decide to fill a kiddie pool with a bunch of popcorn, and then do somersault tucks from the balcony into the pool. They even invited TV personality and Vine celebrity Logan Paul in on the fun. They are all really satisfied with the popcorn pool and we’re kind of into it, too.

10. Jell-O

Alexis Zall is another YouTube personality who decided to take a plunge into some food. This time, she filled her bathtub with red Jell-O and then got in. Apparently, Jello-O feels pretty good against the skin. We should note that the Jell-O is not completely hard by the time Alexis makes it in, which makes it much easier to wade around in there. She then opened up the floor to her Twitter followers for suggestions on what she should do while in the tub. These consisted of running, having an existential crisis, and shaving her legs, all of which she did on camera. At the end, her cameraman friend decides to join the pool as well, and they just chill in there. It kind of looks soothing, tbh.