10 Coachella Foods That I Would Miss My Favorite Set For (Weekend 2, You’re Welcome)

With the first weekend of Coachella complete and another on the horizon, here's a quick and essential guide to the best food options at the legendary music festival — ones good enough to make you wanna miss your favorite set for.

Miya Miya Shawarma

Grab some Jordanian shawarma that just might be the best you'll ever have over at Terrace South, by the ferris wheel. Pro tip: order it "Yaz Style."


When actor Simu Liu gives the biggest co-sign by becoming MiLa's Chief Content Officer, then you know the soup dumplings are living up to the major hype its generated online. Find these juicy bites at Rose Garden VIP.


Veggie Fam

Plant-based pros, Veggie Fam, are serving up fire 'chickn' tenders, loaded fries, and crispy 'chickn' sandwiches at over at Terrace South. Make this a stop if you're looking for a meat alternative that hits the spot.

Love Hour

Love Hour is a veteran of the Coachella culinary scene, pumping out S tier smashburgers that take creativity to an upper echelon with its innovative and delicious menu lineup that collaborates with artists.

Farmhouse Kitchen


Satisfy all your Thai food cravings in between sets at Farmhouse Kitchen in the Indio Central Market. Go treat yourself to the Volcano cup noodles with fried chicken, tiger prawns, and tofu for the best complete meal you can get all weekend.

Mano Po

If you're a fiend for Filipino food, then find yourself at the Coachella Courtyard to get Mano Po's Flip Dip. This can't miss sandwich is their fusion take on a Philly cheesesteak with a Filipino twist.

New School American

New School American is serving up the perfect grilled cheese sandwiches at Terrace North. Chef Eric Greenspan is a known master of flipping them into top tier bites, this time using the best melty American cheese and restaurant-level add-ons to make magic like this Brisket Grilled Cheese.


Battambong BBQ

Pull up on the Cambodian Cowboy AKA Chef Chad Phuong of Battambong BBQ for some Texas-style 'cue with heavy doses of Cambodian influence. This hefty barbecue plate consists of tender smoked pork belly and Cambodian sausage, enough to power you through all the walking to and from all the sets you're trying to catch.

Fatty Mart

Fatty Mart's Chef David Kuo has Terrace South buzzing with these undeniable Dan Dan Fries. This fierce fusion of Chinese Dan Dan Noodles and golden, crispy crinkle fries is a combo we never knew we needed until now.

Happy Ice

One of the best things you can do to help cool down amidst the high temps of the desert is getting some Happy Ice over at Indio Central Market. Similar to a refreshing hybrid of ice cream and gelato, Happy Ice has what they describe as "an ultra-premium Water Ice product, made from a secret recipe from Philadelphia with an artistic LA twist."