How to Make Ginormous, Fluffy Pancakes with Your Rice Cooker


Pancakes are fantastic, buttery beings. The post-cleanup can be disastrous, however, with your fingers covered in egg goo and batter dripping from every inch of kitchen surface. Dramatizations aside, if you crave the idea of a homemade breakfast but are known to burn an eggo waffle, this DIY pancake alternative was made for you.

First, you'll need a rice cooker. Those man made wonders that ensure you get fluffy, heavenly rice every time. Turns out, they also make great receptacles for fluffy, ginormous pancakes. Second, throw in all the usual ingredients for pancakes into the rice cooker pot (the detachable part) and mix. Next, flip on the start button and wait about 45 minutes. When it's done, you should be able to wiggle it out with a spatula and dig in. RocketNews24 warns first-timers to not fill the pot too high, as the pancake may rise, fuse with the lid and result in a uncooked center.



If you want to really spruce it up, you can add cocoa powder to the mix...



or sweet black beans.


We're thinking of trying a bacon bits and pineapple version soon. Like the pizza, but with pancakes. I swear that sounded better in our heads.

Picthx Naver Matome