Oreo Sells Fruit Punch Flavor, Tastes Like Starbursts


In June last year, Oreo debuted their Watermelon flavor. Limited edition, of course. Now, as we lurch towards summer, the classic cookie company rolls out yet another seasonal offering: Fruit Punch Oreos. If you're thinking someone managed to condense the flavors of watered down Kool-Aid into a cookie -- well, however did you know?

First spotted by Foodbeast reader Maria Smith, you can find this newest edition at your local Walmart. According to our buddy JunkFoodGuy, upon ripping open the package, you'll be hit with an intoxicating aroma of "acid-y fruit punch syrup." As in the liquid crack they pour on snow cones at the snack bar. As for the taste, JFG says it's similar to a "cherry slushee" and a "blended Starburst" spread on on a vanilla cookie. 



Sugar-hyped fruit punch jam inside an Oreo? We can get down with that.