Problem-Solving Bottle Opener Lets You Pour Wine Without Removing Cork [Video]


Caught in the dilemma of wanting a glass of wine but aren't trying to polish off an entire bottle by your lonesome? A slick new device offers a solution for those of us who can't afford to let an expensive bottle spoil for the sake of a glass or two.

The Coravin Wine Access System works much like the traditional corkscrew method but swaps it with a thin needle. When the hollow needle is inserted through the cork, argon is released into the bottle and pressurizes the contents, forcing wine to be pushed up past the needle and into your glass. This is the same mechanism scientists use to avoid contaminating water when drilling for samples.


As a result, no oxygen is released into the bottle, the cork naturally reseals itself since the needle is so tiny, and the dreaded oxidation process is avoided. At the moment, the Coravin 1000 system is available for $299. A hefty price tag, yes, but a smart investment in the long run.