This Sriracha is Aged in Whiskey Barrels for 3 Months


If your tastebuds have been numbed to Sriracha’s pungent garlicky kick, you’ve got a friend in Sosu -- a brand of barrel-aged Sriracha that’s already raised it’s funding on Kickstarter. The sauce is aged in oak whiskey barrels for 1 to 3 months for “a long smoky finish.”

Sosu uses locally sourced chili peppers, mashed with brown sugar, garlic, and salt, then stores them in the barrels until they’re ready for bottling.  The natural fermentation creates a spicy, smoky, and fruity sauce which has, according to Sosu, more balanced and pronounced flavors than traditional Sriracha.


So what do you think? Will this new sauce be a serious Sriracha contender, or is it merely another blip on the hot sauce map?

H/T Nerdalicious + Picthx Sosu