Jimmy Dean Sausage Complaint Call from Texas Will Make Your Day


In today's slice of awesome comes this gem: a complaint call left by a (ex) Jimmy Dean customer in Texas. His main hang-up with the sausage brand? The fact that they discontinued their 16-oz sausage roll and that their current 12-oz won't cut, especially when it comes to satiating "three men that weigh over two-hundred pounds a piece, a woman that’s a little plump Scotch girl, and a daughter who’s thirteen." He refuses to fall for their charade and buy two 12-oz servings just because they want "to downsize and charge the same goddamn price."

By the end of the call, he gives a prompt "Goodbye," but fortunately, the call doesn't actually end and you can hear him continue to rant about "that fucking pussy roll of sausage." It's great and [warning] will probably make you hungry for some Jimmy Dean sausage.