Birthday Cake-Flavored M&M's Are Finally A Thing


In my humble opinion, birthday cake-flavored anything can do no wrong. If you've ever had birthday cake ice cream dipped in sprinkles or Birthday Cake Oreos, you know what's up.

M&M's is finally catching on to this brilliant fad and adding Birthday Cake M&M's to their line of candy-coated chocolates. While there's still no word on the new item's actual taste, some have mused it will be similar to eating "vanilla poundcake." Erm, definitely ain't mad at that.


Birthday Cake M&M's are set to hit shelves May 2014, following the release of Pumpkin Spice M&Ms. While we can all agree that the latter is a very, very bad idea, we're hoping the former lives up to our visions of grandeur. The cake M&M's will be available in single-serve bags and 8 ounce packages.

If you're feeling ambitious, we suggest stuffing them in this Piñata Cake for the ultimate cakeception.

H/T + PicThx Candy Blog