Tobacco-flavored Vodka Exists, Here is What it Tastes Like


Yes, Tobacco Vodka exists. Once the team over at Foodbeast discovered this, we took the next logical step and taste tested this abomination. Naturally.

First, there are 4 things you should know about Tobacco Vodka.

1. This tastes EXACTLY like cigarettes. Sorry, no cupcake-flavored vodka here.


2. There is also a "Menthol" version. For those of you who prefer your cigarette-flavored liquor to carry a minty aftertaste.

3. The company that makes it describes itself as "fun, irreverent and yes, a little insane. OK, more than a little insane. Was it the liquor? Perhaps. Was it a marriage of first cousins? More than likely." We'd expect nothing less from a brand named "IVANABITCH."

4. If you do decide to take swigs of this curious liquor, just know that you're going to wake up the next morning with a mouth that tastes like ashtrays. So just make sure you have a pack of mints ready for breakfast.

Overall, it was surprisingly not that bad and the Tobacco and Menthol Vodka tasted like sweet cigarettes and boozy scope, respectively. Although, I wouldn't recommend anything described as "surprisingly not that bad." Except for Del Taco, that sh*t is surprisingly not that bad at 3am.