So Apparently, KFC's Hot Sauce Packet Lists 'Hot Sauce' as Main Ingredient

Oh the curious things that make me laugh.

Call this a superfluous ingredient exposé, or a revelation as a result of a slow news day, but has anyone looked closely at the ingredients on a package of KFC hot sauce? Apparently the second ingredient listed is... 'Hot Sauce.'

The packet photo came by way of text message via my friend Mike, who to give you a brief introduction, doesn't text...ever. Either something's wrong, something's life changing, or someone stole his phone and went on a textroulette rampage. So when this picture came through, and he told me to "look close," I knew exactly what he was talking about.


Sure, this finding would elicit even more belly laughs if the package didn't break down what the 'Hot Sauce' ingredient actually contained (aged cayenne red peppers, distilled vinegar, salt, water, garlic powder), but still, KFC, y'all put hot sauce in your hot sauce? Does the fact that you didn't just list the ingredients sans parentheses mean you are using someone else's pre-made hot sauce mixture lathered into your own?

Sounds like a meme just waiting to happen. Oh damn, let me get it started for you:

Has anyone else spotted weird ingredients in your packaged foods lately?