Sriracha Supposedly Makes Us Happier, Skinnier and More Amazing? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Dear infographic, you're saying I should feel better about my daily half-bottle consumption of Sriracha-brand chili sauce?

That's the word, apparently. Latest reports note that over 10 million bottles of the popular chili bottles are made each year. The sauce, which originated from sunny California by the Vietnamese-born David Tran back in the 1980s, has become a food-culture mainstay, to say the least.


Over the past couple years, Sriracha has become so universally accepted and relished in the eating community, it's hard to avoid its steadfast dedication to an unchanging product -- yet such a diverse array of applications.

The culture around the product is evident, everything from the recent creation of a Sriracha Lollipop, the availability of a Sriracha iPhone Case, a prototype Sriracha Beer Helmet and even seen a Sriracha Rap Music Video. The culture around the product is evident, but now an Infographic was birthed to further cement its true mainstay in our kitchen cupboards -- the health aspect.

While the information presented  in the Infographic doesn't mean we should regard the chili sauce as a nutritional supplement by any means, it's always reassuring to see some positive information about a product a fair amount of use so frequently.


I guess Sriracha really does go well on everything, even an infographic:

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