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First dates are very calculated measures. The clothing and accoutrements are revised and perfected over a series of consultations among girlfriends and bros alike. Cuisine and ambience are vital in securing intellectual engagement among other things. But, imagine strolling into a restaurant where the decor consists of blow-up sex dolls and phalluses. Either the date just got hilariously good or really, really bad.


Welcome to Funny Sex — a sex-themed restaurant in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Soap dispensaries in the shape of succulent breasts hang on the restroom walls and statues in various sex positions sit sporadically through the restaurant. Take photos with a large wooden penis, while sporting aprons with nude screen-printed bodies as memorabilia.

The sex paraphernalia isn’t exclusive to the decor. Soup is served in boob-shaped bowls, while other meals are plated in the shape of a penis. Fondle with the sex dolls through the main course, and make use of the leather handcuffs with your respective companion. Even enjoy ice cream cajones for dessert. That is, if your date gets that far. All that, and I wonder if the food tastes good.

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