New Doritos Roulette Bags Contain One Extremely Spicy Chip in Every Handful


Last month, PepsiCo Canada launched a new Doritos flavor party game in which a few chips in the regularly Nacho Cheese-flavored bag are ridiculously spicy, allowing sadistic children everywhere to enjoy a whole new form of schadenfreude-fueled glee simply by sharing a bag.

Currently only available in Canada, most of the chips in each Roulette bag are Nacho Cheese Doritos, while 25% or so are “solid slap in the face” hot. The problem is, the spicy ones look and taste just like the regulars, leaving adventurous eaters guessing until they’re left grabbing for a couple gallon jugs of milk.

So far, there’s been no news of Doritos Roulette making its way to the United States, though you could whip up some Sriracha salt and make your own. Or you could just laugh at all the Canadians posting #BurnSelfies, that works too.


Canadian Parenting 101


I read on the internet this actually works


There are some things you can’t unsee


Good luck with that


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  • Vincent Darkwood

    there was a rumor that they were launched in Mexico as “Doritos Ruleta del diablo” (Devil’s Roulette), but I never managed to get them.

  • Kalee Sole

    My boyfriend ate a whole bag and there were no hot chips!

  • Robert

    The ‘spicy’ chips might be spicy if you think bottles of salsa (manufacturer doesn’t matter, but let’s say “Old El Paso” for argument’s sake) labeled ‘hot’ actually are.

    If you’ve built up your spice tolerance to the point where you can withstand ghost peppers and routinely add things like Da Bomb’s line of hot sauces to your food, the ‘spicy’ chips in these bags are about as spicy as garden variety black pepper that you’d find in pepper shakers/mills across North America (and to anyone who thinks that black peppercorn is spicy – I pity you.)

  • Pururun

    I wish they would bring back Salsa Verde. Spicy hot with great flavor!

  • Goose


  • mttt

    We had those Doritos in Venezuela.

  • Whatsherface

    I tried them last week. Robert’s right- if you like spicy foods already, these chips aren’t anymore spicy than their regular spicy flavour. But, if you’re a spice-virgin-then ya, they might burn your tongue. I was a bit disappointed. I hope they amp it up in the future!

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