The Latest Unnecessary Oreo Flavor: Lemon


Isn’t lemon, like, an old person flavor?

For reasons still incomprehensible to us, Oreo continues to release blasé after blasé special-edition cookies, the latest of which reminds us vaguely of weekend trips to grandma’s house and being forced to watch her cats. Impulsive Buy reports the new Lemon Oreos may be similar to Oreo’s previous limited edition “Lemon Twist” cookies, though presumably with at least 50% more lemony-fresh flavor. At least.

Ahem, anyone for a spot of afternoon tea?

H/T Consumerist + Picthx Impulsive Buy

Dominique would be a foodie if she had money to pay for food. For now, she gets by just looking at food photography, which results in at least one more starving journalism student every time Instagram breaks down.

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  • Potatoes O’Brien

    I love lemon cookies. Oreos are not that great. These however…

    • Linda Lovelush

      Those look delicious. It’s too bad I can’t bake worth a crap.

      I love lemon cookies too, but I think I’d rather have the Keebler Lemon Coolers, or whatever they’re called (the super yummy ones dusted with powdered sugar) or even the Archway iced ones. I agree with Dominique, I don’t think a lemon Oreo is necessary. There’s only one Oreo cookie flavor that I like and that’s the original, although the vanilla ones are pretty decent. I occasionally buy the “Heads or Tails” Oreos where one sandwich half is chocolate and the other half is vanilla.

      • Potatoes O’Brien

        i get the generic duplex cookies. This recipe is so easy, you can do it

        • Linda Lovelush

          No, seriously. I can screw up a package of slice and bake cookies, LOL

  • beanfart

    i love cats, lemon flavored foods and oreos, so screw you.

  • Kevin G

    A regional cookie company use to make cookies with lemon filling like this that I loved. They did away with the years and years ago. So I like this and will try them. :)

  • Russell Kurson

    What the hell is with “lemon” in everything. Give it a rest already and eat lemons whole like I do !

    • Anonymous

      *thumbs up*

  • Aaron Lane Knoll

    I despise regular Oreos but these sound good.

  • Collin Harvey

    Pff, call me old, because these sound delicious. EMBRACE OLDNESS, DOMINIQUE.

  • Chip

    These are amazing! I have one in my mouth right now. Been looking for something like this since the Girl Scouts stopped selling Lemon Chalets.