How to Bring Your Pizza Back to Life Using a Skillet


If you believe in grilled cheese sandwiches, you believe in pizza reheated in a skillet. This school of thought is hardly original, as a Google search will bring up multiple images of warm pizza cooking on the stove top. However, for those like myself who’ve been ignorant to this leftover hack until now, read on.

If you need convincing, consider Tom Scocca’s elegant grilled cheese to skillet-reheated pizza parallel. As he explains, the cheese between two slices of soft buttered bread in a skillet over medium heat will result in a perfectly crispy exterior while the cheese in the middle melts. Now, apply this theory to cold, leftover pizza on the skillet. Rather than getting microwaved cheese goo on stale bread, pizza reheated on a skillet will give you pizza with hot, melted cheese and a crispy crust.

We know: Knowledge, it’s a beautiful thing.

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  • Blake Campbell

    Or you could just put it in the oven, like everyone else

    • Kasatka Tilikum

      Only problem with the oven is that you have to wait to preheat it, and cooking time takes longer. I haven’t tried stovetop, but I will the next time I have leftover pizza!

    • Linda Lovelush

      Nah, stovetop is better. The oven dries the pizza out. Stovetop in a pan or on a griddle gives you a nice, crispy crust and unique flavor. Try it sometime, there really is a difference. If I remember correctly, I learned that little trick watching Alton Brown (Good Eats) and I too thought well hell, just stick it in the microwave or the oven to reheat it. He swore stove-topping the pizza made a difference. So okay, fine, tried it the next time I had leftover pizza and I’ve never gone back to using the oven or the microwave.

  • Linda Lovelush

    I’ve been doing this for a long time now, it’s the ONLY way to eat leftover pizza. I take my slices from the fridge and put them on my stovetop griddle. Then I cover all the slices loosely with foil. I put the heat on medium-low and let the griddle do its thing. The foil keeps the heat trapped so the entire piece(s) of pizza gets hot and the griddle crisps up the crust, creating a wonderful crunch.

    I make a lot of homemade pizzas and can honestly say the leftovers that I griddle the next day are even better than the pizza that came out of the oven the night before.

    I’ll never microwave leftover pizza again.

    • Luca Shoal

      Cold leftover pizza is the one true way :v

      • Linda Lovelush

        Haha, yeah, that’s how my son sometimes likes it. He’ll pull the box of pizza out of the fridge, grab a piece and just stand there munching it. I’ll be like, “aren’t you going to heat that up?” And he says, “Nope, this is fine.”


  • Anonymous

    Wait, you reheat cold pizza rather than just eating it straight from the fridge? Very interesting…

  • yesno

    Microwave for 30 seconds and toast. Takes two minutes and you get melt-y cheese and a crispy crust.

  • Johnny Marlin

    Left over pizza, What’s that?

    Actually a toaster oven works great, top it with a fried egg, it’s the breakfast of champions and drunks all over!

  • Gerardo Fuentes

    No mamen! Comanla fria como todo el mundo! La pizza sabe mucho mejor fria!

    • Tygr Wudz

      Wutevr he or she sed