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Many US Prisons Are Still Giving Inmates ‘The Loaf’ as Punishment

January 9, 2014 // 12:42 pm

The Loaf, also known also as “nutraloaf,” is fed as a punishment to inmates who get violent or have misbehaved. Unsurprisingly, civil-rights activists are urging prisons to stop serving it.

Even though “the loaf” must meet nutritional guidelines, prisons can come up with their own versions, grinding…

Ja Rule’s Writing a Microwaveable Recipe Cookbook, Because Prison

October 24, 2013 // 5:00 am

Who remembers Ja Rule? Hoarse-voiced, ghetto-fabulous, he was the reason all those J.Lo and Ashanti songs came complete with a side of gravel. Yeah, turns out he’s been in prison for the past couple of years due to tax evasion and now that he’s out, he wants to help…

Prison-Inspired Recipes Feed Your ‘Orange is the New Black’ Obsession

August 16, 2013 // 6:53 pm

We have nothing but sympathy for the newly forged fans of Netflix’s original series “Orange is the New Black.” One minute you’re sacrificing meals, sleep, and personal hygiene in order to marathon all thirteen episodes, the next you’re left adrift with nothing but a cliffhanger season finale and a shimmering…

Hot Dog Thief to Spend 80 Years In Prison

November 28, 2011 // 1:12 pm

In 2009, Charles Cleveland Nowden was arrested for attempting to buy two hot  dogs, two cokes and popcorn with a counterfeit $20 in Fort Worth, Texas. This week he received an 80-year prison sentence.

It looks like Nowden was buying for two at the movie theater.…